Map of Buckeye
School District

If you have questions, please contact: Support Services at 330-722-8257 ext. 1020 or 1019.


Our Mission

  • Operate daily in a professional manner
  • Transport the students of our district safely and efficiently, while complying with state laws and district policies.
  • Be respectful and courteous to all students, so they begin and end each day with a positive impact conducive to learning.


Buckeye Transportation compound is located on the Buckeye Local Schools Campus on Columbia Road and provides safe, efficient transportation to the Buckeye students. 

Commencing with the 2012-2013 School Year, all students K-8 will be transported to Buckeye Schools; there will not be “no transport zones”. We will be running two separate runs; first, transporting Jr. High students to the Jr. High School then returning out to the district to pick up elementary students on a second run.